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Frequently asked questions about CBD, CBD oil and related items.

What is CBD oil?

What is the difference between the CBD oil and THC oil?

Does CBD oil cause you to get high or stoned?

Does CBD help with my illness?

How to store CBD oil?

Can you make any claims about what CBD can do for me?

What is the best way to produce CBD-rich cannabis oil?

Can I get CBD from juicing raw cannabis?

Is a CBD-dominant cannabis strain with very little THC better medicine than a cannabis strain with a fifty-fifty CBD-THC mix?

Will I flunk a drug test if I medicate with CBD-rich cannabis?

How is CBD metabolized when consumed orally? Is it converted to another compound?

I reside outside the United States. How can I obtain CBD-rich remedies?

I am from a state where medical marijuana is not yet legal. How can I obtain CBD-rich remedies?

Why are you trying to do more research on CBD when there are so many journal articles reporting its benefits? Don't we already know that CBD will be effective against a variety of illnesses?

How do I make CBD-brownies or other CBD-infused edibles?

Does it matter if CBD is extracted from cannabis or industrial hemp?

I have heard that CBD is dominant cannabinoid in hemp plants. Can I just smoke or ingest hemp or ditchweed to get the healing effects of CBD?

Can a grower increase CBD content by manipulating environmental factors?

Is growing CBD-rich cannabis any different from growing THC-dominant cannabis?

Does CBD interact with other medications?

What do you mean when you say a cannabis strain or product is "CBD-rich" or "CBD dominant"?

If CBD is non-psychoactive, does that mean it is legal?

Are your products legal?

Will your products get me high?

Why does your hemp oil come in a syringe?

Are your products safe?

Do I need a medical card to buy your products?

How much CBD should I take?

Will your products cure/treat my...?

Which CBD hemp oil product is right for me?

Is CBD from hemp as good as CBD from marijuana?

What's the difference between CBD hemp oil and the hemp products I buy at the grocery store?

What is in your Hemp Oil?

Where does your Hemp come from?

Why should I use CBD from natural sources?

I heard the FDA was shutting down CBD companies, Is this true?

If a hemp extract is 40% cannabinoids, what's the other 60%? What's in your hemp extracts besides the naturally occurring cannabinoids?

What's the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Are hemp derived cannabinoids such as CBD as good as CBD from marijuana?

What's the percentage of cannabinoids and CBD in your product?

What is the best method of use?

What's the ideal serving size for me, and how often should I take it?

What is the safety of your hemp extracts? Are there negative side effects?

Which of your CBD and hemp products should I get?

Why do people use Hemp Extracts and CBD? What are the benefits and uses of CBD?

Is a standard hemp seed oil the same as a high-CBD hemp extract?

Where do you source your hemp and CBD from?

What kind of testing / analysis is performed on your products?

What is CO2 extraction? What's the difference between sub-critical and super-critical CO2 extraction?

What is the endocannabnoid system (ECS)?

Does CBD Drip need a GCC form?

Does CBD Drip get you high?

How Does CBD work?

How Does our product differ from others?

How strong are these products?

Is our CBD synthetic?

Is CBD a drug?

What is the definition of a Drug?

What does "Active" CBD mean?

What does "Aerial" CBD mean?

What is the difference between Hempseed Oil and CBD Oil?

What is the difference between Industrial Hemp and Cannabis Sativa?

What is Clean Green Certified?

Why would Hemp (instead of marijuana) be grown for cannabidiol (CBD)?

Will CBD help me if i'm healthy?

Are CBD and THC the same thing?

Do you use Hemp plants from China?

Can I purchase Live Life CBD in bulk for my fitness club, natural product store, nursing home or other business?

What is the shelf life of Live Life CBD? Can it be frozen?

How do you transport Live Life CBD? Is it kept cold?

How long can I store my CBD oil and cream?

Why has my bank card been rejected?

My bank card is a U.S.A bank card, but the payment still hasn't been accepted. What is happening?

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